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439 South Florida Ave, Suite 202

Lakeland, Florida 33801

(863) 683-9297

Because of him [Tom Mims], an abuse

of tax payer money has been stopped.

(News Chief)

We do it all &

we do it well

T. Mims Corp. is a Real Estate, Development, Investment, Cattle Operation, Sand Mining Operation, and Agricultural company located in Lakeland, Florida. It was founded by Tom Mims in 1981.


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T. Mims Corp., The Mims Group, LLC. and other Mims entities were born from Tom's passion for business enterprise, innovation, creativity and charitable giving.  The Mims Entities are extensively involved in the following areas:







Tom has worked throughout his career to bring efficiency to his business operations.  He has expanded when opportunities arose and shifted when markets changed.  As a result the Mims Entities provide top quality products with jaw dropping customer service.  The  T. Mims Corp. team members are knowledgeable, professional,  and willing to go the extra mile.

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